Photo By Milena Parobczy

Photo by Julie Ann Link

Everyone has at least one superpower.  Sensitivity is just one special trait that is a wonderful opportunity for connection and deeper understanding for oneself and others.  Here are 18 ways your sensitivity is a superpower.

What is the first way your sensitivity is a superpower?

1. Awareness

Awareness is the knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.  Sensitivity around your own self awareness is really important.  With a kind and sensitive awareness to yourself, a deeper sense of understanding and patience emerges.  Sensitivity to yourself helps you to walk through life with a more thoughtful and delicate approach which in turn leads to interacting with others more compassionately. 

What is the second way that your sensitivity is a superpower?

2. Observation

From reading the energy of a group of people at a party to see if it’s safe, to noticing the body language of colleagues in a meeting regarding a certain topic, to reading up on both sides of an argument to empathize with everyone, taking mental and literal notes of different experiences highlights your sensitivity superpower in any situation. 

What is the third way that superpowers come from sensitivity?

3. Heart

Do you feel deeply in situations that other friends and family seem to be unaffected?  Your heart sensitivity is beautiful, and allow yourself to experience the full extent of your emotions.  By being vulnerable and expressing yourself, you are immersed in the present moment and sharing your superpower.

What is the fourth way that sensitivity is a superpower?

4. Listening Skills

Thank you for your undivided attention.  Your genuine interest and curiosity in people and experiences are superpowers.  Because you approach every situation as an opportunity to learn about yourself and others, listening is really important to you.  People feel comfortable around you, and you allow others to let their guard down and be themselves through openness and sensitivity.

What is the fifth way that your sensitivity superpower shines?

5. Compassion

Your ability to step into any situation and exhibit understanding and empathy is a superpower.  Compassion is a wonderful way to approach life, and your sympathetic concern is admirable. 

What is the sixth way that superpowers come from sensitivity?

6. Energy

Your sensitivity to energy is a superpower.  By observing your response and feelings in certain situations, you recognize interactions that are healthy or unhealthy.   

What is the seventh way that sensitivity is your superpower?

7. Care

It is beautiful that you care for people and are sensitive to their opinions and well-being.  You talk with friends to help find solutions for problems, you’re always right there to help, and caring too much is your superpower.

What is the eighth way that you get superpowers from sensitivity?

8. Openness

You know how terrible it feels to be judged by others, so you are sensitive to approach any situation with an open mind.  You do your best to share unbiased support and advice because exuding openness fosters a safe environment for people to be themselves.

What is the ninth way that your sensitivity is a superpower?

9. Attention

You do your best to be present where you are and who you are with, and this attention is much appreciated.  It’s so easy to be distracted by everyday tasks and thinking of the future, and your attention to others with your mind, body, and soul is a superpower.

What is the tenth way that sensitivity is your superpower?

10. Details

Your ability to notice the small things is a superpower.  It’s important not to sweat the small stuff, but the small stuff makes up the big stuff.  Gathering as much information as possible helps to make educated decisions, and noticing the details is a superpower.

What is the eleventh way that sensitivity is a superpower?

11. Feeling

The pure emotions that you experience are superpowers, and they make you who you are.  You feel deeply, you experience wholeheartedly, and your vulnerability is admirable.

What is the twelfth way that superpowers come from sensitivity?

12. Consciousness

Your awareness and responsiveness to surroundings is a superpower.  Your ability to get a general idea of how someone is feeling is a skill to cherish.

What is the thirteenth way that you have sensitivity superpowers?

13. Recognition

As a sensitive person, you are able to meet people where they are emotionally.  You see people and events with clear eyes and an open heart.  It’s important to be seen as you are, and your sensitivity and awareness to this is a superpower.

What is the fourteenth way you have sensitivity superpowers?

14. Realization

Your sensitivity drives you to observe, reflect, learn, realize, take action, and share.  Through life experiences, you are constantly striving to improve yourself, and through this constant motivation to do better, your daily self and life realizations are a superpower. 

What is the fifteenth way that superpowers grow from sensitivity?

15. Perception

Do you have a strong sense of knowing what will probably happen in the future with relationships, conversations, or anything?  All your senses are conspiring together, and your ability to see, hear, and be in tune with your sixth sense sensitivity is a superpower.

What is the sixteenth way that sensitivity is your superpower?

16. Discernment

Continue to follow your sensitivity, and trust your superpower to discern the right path to take.

What is the seventeenth way that sensitivity is your superpower?

17. Absorption

Use your sensitivity with others and situations to bring everyone together.  Your superpower is to observe and bring people together to work great as a team and achieve goals.

What is the eighteenth way that you have sensitivity superpowers?

18. Love

Remember to love yourself, so you can then love others.  Remember to help yourself, so you can then help others.  Allow yourself to step out of your mind comfort zone, and take action to realize that your thoughtful and creative views are valid and important to share with others.  Support yourself in communicating confidently.   Anxiety, self loathing, and constant self focus from hyper-awareness and sensitivity is an easy line to cross, so remember to be kind to yourself too, and see your sensitivity as a way to channel unlimited superpowers.