Photo By Milena Parobczy

Photo by Milena Parobczy

It is beautiful that you are detailed oriented and want to do the best job that you can, but your perfectionism is crippling your ability to achieve anything. At a certain point, your work is good enough, and it is time to share. You’re always going to find something else to change and improve, and you may never accomplish your goals. Here are 10 tips to help you get out of your own way.

What is the first tip to get out of your own way?

1. Write it down.

Have you been thinking about something that you’d like to do, but haven’t yet?  What would you like to accomplish?  Is this a short term or a long term goal? 

Write down what you would like to do.  Get all of your ideas on paper.  Sketch out what it will look like.  Is it a website?  A professional development course?  A new product?  A letter to a family member? 

With your thoughts out of your mind and on paper to be seen visually, the overwhelming feeling of the task will become more manageable.  Your goal will become more accessible and achievable because you can literally visualize it now.  It’s not just in your mind. 

Once you’ve written down what you want to do, you can share it.  You can get feedback from friends.  You can research more about your topic and start collecting information.  You’ve taken the first step to get out of your own way.

What is the second tip to get out of your own way?


2. Reflect, and realize.

Identify what has been holding you back.  Are you physically exhausted?  Do you need a mental break?  Do you have too many things going on at once?  Do you have financial restraints?  Do you need a business partner?  Are you lacking certain skills?  Do you need to go back to school or take a training course? Can you delegate tasks to others right now?  Do you need a work space?  Are you in a supportive environment?  Are you organized? 

Each of these questions are important to reflect on, and realize where your road blocks are.  All of these questions have a solution, and by identifying which issue has been causing you to remain stagnant and paralyzed, you’ll gradually be able to lighten your responsibilities and work towards your goals.

What is the third tip to get out of your own way?


3. Do one thing at a time. 

Go through your list systematically.  Delegate, reschedule, eliminate, focus on, share, breathe, and take action.  By doing one task at a time, you can focus your entire energy in doing a quality job to accomplish it, and then move on to the next thing on your list.  Take it one day at a time. 

What is the fourth tip to get out of your own way?

4. Create a timeline. 

When would you ideally like to have your goal launch or accomplished?  Tomorrow, 6 months, or 1 year?  

Write down your ideal finish date in your calendar.  With an end date set, you can fill in the blanks.  What are the major tasks that can be finished over time?  Which are tasks that can be accomplished in between the major things?  Are you on a time limit with one particular goal?  

By filling in the blanks on a timeline, this visual representation will help you prioritize tasks and get things done in an orderly way. 

What is the fifth tip to get out of your own way?

5. Think positively.

You are working fast enough and good enough.  You are doing great.  You are doing your best.  You believe in what you are doing.  What you are working on is important.  Your friends and family are proud of you for accomplishing your goals.  We admire you.

What is the sixth tip to get out of your own way?

6. Keep perspective. 

It is easy to be hard on yourself.  You’re taking the steps needed to get out of your own way.  You had to start somewhere, and you’re doing it.  Everything is happening at the right time.

What is the seventh tip to get out of your own way?

7. Seek feedback. 

When you gain more clarity on your goals, search for resources, communities, or groups to join for support and guidance.  Seek out a counselor, coach, or mentor for a fresh perspective to achieve your goals in the best and most efficient way possible.

What is the eighth tip to get out of your own way?

8. Be kind to yourself. 

Be proud of yourself that you are taking action to make your dreams become a reality.  Remember that you are working hard, and it’s okay to take some time for yourself in between working on your goals.  Balance between personal and work life is important, and being aware of your needs is vital for the success of your goals. 

What is the ninth tip to get out of your own way?

9. Remember your accomplishments. 

You’ve done so much already to get yourself where you are, and many past experiences have helped lead you towards realizing your goals.

What is the tenth tip to get out of your own way?

10. Celebrate.

It is important to have something to look forward to, especially once you’ve accomplished what you set out to do.  Allow yourself to enjoy the fruits of your labor, and celebrate the achievement of getting out of your own way.