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You’re your best critic
Barrick Stees (Discussion 1)
We are rooting for you
Susanna Whitney (Discussion 2)

No one can say it the way you can
Dr. Ashley Haney (Discussion 3)
There is something for everybody
Leyla Zamora (Discussion 4)
We bring people together
Philip Hill (Discussion 5)
There’s constant growth
Amanda Swain (Discussion 6)
Don’t worry about the results
Miles Maner (Discussion 8)
Know where you are going
Ben Yingst (Discussion 9)
Think easy, light, smooth, and fast
Sue Heineman (Discussion 10)
Confront the limits of your abilities
Gareth Thomas (Discussion 11)
Trust, honesty, and integrity
Trevor Cramer (Discussion 13)
There are so many possibilities
Dr. Maya Stone (Discussion 14)
Find the fluidity and freedom
Kristin Wolfe Jensen (Discussion 15)
We learn by doing
Drew Pattison (Discussion 16)
Life is a series of chapters
Nicolasa Kuster (Discussion 18)
The long and winding road
Carl Rath (Discussion 19)
You are an entrepreneur
Dr. Leigh Muñoz (Discussion 20)
Find a way to get joy
Dr. Martin Van Klompenberg
(Discussion 21)
All the connections we make mean something
Dr. Shawn Seguin (Discussion 22)
Your voice is welcome and needed
Dr. Christin Schillinger
(Discussion 23)
The gold standard
Phil Austin (Discussion 24)
Build out layers of connectivity
Dr. Joey Kluesener (Discussion 25)
Continue to learn
Dr. Shuo Li (Discussion 26)
It’s an investment
Dr. Jeff Womack (Discussion 27)
It’s all about kindness
Dr. Jessica Wiley (Discussion 28)
Discover together
Aura Marina Trevino (Discussion 29)
Work out the logistics
Michael J. Burns (Discussion 30)
Have a goal to work for
Jacqui Hopkins (Discussion 31)
It’s about all of us working together
Colin Forbes-Abrams (Discussion 32)
Share what you need
Ben Hoadley (Discussion 33)
Get out in nature
Dr. Albie Micklich (Discussion 34)
Be calm and present
Nicole Haywood (Discussion 36)
Imagine the distance
Nadina Mackie Jackson
(Discussion 37)
Jump in feet first
Dr. Eric Stomberg (Discussion 39)
We are still learning
Wukun Zhu (Discussion 40)
Get outside your comfort zone
Rodney Ackmann (Discussion 41)
Go on an adventure
Arleigh Savage (Discussion 42)
True value is in the preparation
Judith Farmer (Discussion 43)
Be free to explore new ideas
Dr. Shih-Han Chiu (Discussion 44)
Be true to yourself
Margaret Cookhorn (Discussion 45)
Everybody is interesting
Rufus Olivier (Discussion 46)
Ask yourself what insprires you
Ismael Vitriago (Discussion 47)
Dip your toe in the water
Nikolaj Henriques (Discussion 48)
Build on quality
Matthias Rácz (Discussion 49)
Engage, activate, and cultivate networks
Lecolion Washington (Discussion 50)